Back on the road …… 8th April 2017


Having taken the decision to spend the winter in the UK to be closer to family we also moved into a flat worried what the winter mornings in a muddy field without electricity would do to our exercise routine…..and possibly also our marriage!

It has been an interesting few months as we had more space than we knew what to do with but oddly found the kitchen a bit small – despite the fact that it was probably four times the size of the one in the motorhome! – possibly something to do with the fact that we like entertaining and simply have too much stuff !

So, having made the most of all those lovely desserts that you need a real oven for and made the most out of eating as many baked potatoes as possible – seriously, it is not worth waiting two hours for one in the motorhome – we are back with Mika and even more surprisingly the sun is shining for us.

We picked her up on Thursday and apart from needing a good clean (inside and out) she started ok, strong German lass, and she has fared the winter in storage pretty well….. all Keith needs to do now is go through the cupboards and move everything that I have put in the wrong place before we set off again on Monday!!

As most of you are used to the fact that the only thing in our lives that is consistent is the amount of times our plans change.  So, just to update you, for now we are staying in the UK for the summer and planning to venture up to Scotland and out West to Wales over the next few months to discover a little more of our own beautiful country before we go further afield again.

So watch this space for updates and photos of a sparkly clean Mika….. when I find some time to get up on the roof.

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