Muffin sized Fruit Cakes


100g self raising flour/ 100g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

50g dark brown sugar – golden caster works fine

50g butter

225g mixed fruit – can make own as required

1 egg

1 tsp mixed spice

75-85ml milk


Heat oven to 180 degrees (motorhome oven to 4.5)

Melt butter.

Add all ingredients together in a bowl.

Fill muffin tray to ½ – ¾.  Mixed will make 10-12 depending on the size.

Cook for 30-35 minutes (in motorhome oven for 16min and then turn tray and cook for a further 16 min)

Allow to rest in the muffin case for 3-5 min and then pop them out and cool on a cooling rack.

When storing it helps to cover with paper towel.