Getting to know the locals….. 16th April 2017



Over one week in …. where does the time go? It feels like yesterday when we were living in Mika last and not over six months ago. It is hard to believe that you can adapt to a small space so quickly but the bed is so comfortable and dare I say it, she has everything we need in a sleekly, refined form! The quick adaptation has probably been helped along by the beautiful weather over last weekend and the fact that we have only actually cooked dinner at home three times in ten nights…. well, we don’t want to shock Mika’s system too quickly!!

We have got back into routine quite quickly though, baking bread, making muesli, flapjack, doing our exercise outside in the mornings ….. and we even had crepes with fresh strawberries this morning ….. happy days!

Nothing has changed though as we still get odd looks and a few smiles and comments as people walk by whilst we are doing the odd Burpee!

Last weekend in Bath was great, not only did we manage to catch the sun (we have missed the additional vitamin D we had been getting in Spain), we also caught up with lots of people, eating and drinking lots of great food, beer and wine…. you still can’t beat the Eastern Eye in Bath for a Curry.

Back in Holyport and we are back in our field and our friends are back too….


We reckon they are about 12 months old and they are very cute, I can say that as I don’t have to go into the field to empty the toilet and grey water whilst they are playfully having a tête a tête ….. Keith see’s them slightly differently, especially when they take an interest in what he is doing, although the more comfortable they are the closer they appear to be getting and over the last few days they have apparently been giving him a good licking….. I think I will just admire from a distance!

It has definitely cooled down a little this week but it is still dry so we are enjoying walking in and around Maidenhead and Windsor a little more and trying out some local pubs.

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