All good things come to an end ….. Temporarily – 17/8/16



Well despite everyone’s comments about poor weather – we are still in the UK, the sun is still shining AND it is school summer holidays….. unheard of when I was younger 🙂

We are back at the farm having disappeared off to Bath for a couple of days to see friends (and the big sunflowers at the bottom of Clare and Jools’ garden).  Obviously someone was looking down on us as we even spent the Saturday in the park with footballs, frisbee so and picnics and there was barely a cloud in sight….the rain held off until the Sunday morning when we were perfectly happy to take it easy.

We have got to know the calves in the neighbouring field a little better, anyone would think they are pets as they are very curious and really like people – although I have a feeling that the first lot were shipped to the abattoir a couple of weeks ago and it can’t be long until these ones go unfortunately.

Obviously as we were starting to twitch after stopping the apricot picking we have fallen on our feet with the early blackberries and have been a bit over zealous with the quantities, although neither of us reckon you can ever have too much Apple and Blackberry crumble 🙂

It is however with regret that this is going to be the last blog for a while. We have decided to temporarily move into an apartment to be close to family for a bit and will hopefully continue our adventures in Spring.

So, watch this space …. We will be back soon 🙂

One thought on “All good things come to an end ….. Temporarily – 17/8/16

  1. What a wonderful journey and idea. I had a camper van, which according the Wringleys when they managed the block, is ILLEGAL to have in the car park,. I was at home in New York, came back after a year and the van had been towed away. SO sad. Never saw a penny, along with my car and small van. Anyway your photographs are wonderful. We are going to do a trip around the USA where we live in a summer.

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