Moules / Mussels / Mejillones …

Couldn’t be simpler … thank you Nicky!


1kg Mussels per person (for a main course)

White Wine to cover

2 x Onion

Parsley or other herbs


Clean and de-beard moules. (or buy ones that have already been cleaned as it is a bit of a faff!)

Leave moules soaking in clean water for a couple of minutes.

Discard any that do not close with a tap.

In a large pan, lightly sautė onion in a little olive oil.  Add 1/2″ of white wine.  Add fresh chopped parsley or other herbs to taste.  When wine is hot add drained moules and cover with a lid (or a plate)

Leave for 5 mins and stir so that all of the Moules have had a good steam.

Once all the moules are opened you are ready to serve

NB:  Descard any Moules that don’t open…. don’t force them!