What are we up to?

Well…. back on 2013 we decided to take 18 months out and try and see a bit more of Europe and Scandanavia in a motorhome.

We left Bath back at the beginning of October 2013 and after a short stint in a flat in London – just to get used to living together again in a smaller space – we moved into Mika, our first motorhome in March 2014.  The first three weeks were spent in the UK making sure that everything worked on the van whilst getting used to living in an even smaller space whilst also keeping up the exercise, then we got the ferry to France, where we stayed in a small town called Bagnoles De L’Orne for roughly six months to brush up the French and Tennis before finally biting the bullet and really hitting the road properly in August 2014

Three and a half years later and we had only really travelled through France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK… the snails that we are struggled to rush anything.  Our lives were good, enjoying the food, wine, culture and we had a great routine going for exercise – so much so we didn’t want to go back to ‘normality’ and a house.  Instead, we decided to upsize – introducing Hattie!

Hattie is an older and wiser motorhome, slightly bigger and heavier but with much more storage and a larger seating area…. just making our lives that much more comfortable.

So, at the time of updating this we are now six and a half years into full time motorhoming – albeit with a little time out in the middle for family … still not looking back – simple, easy life … making the most of every day!

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