Vegan Millionaires Shortbread



200 g ground almond

100 ml agave syrup /100g honey (yes,  not vegan with this swap)

60 g coconut oil


300 g pitted dates – if using dried soak in boiling water for 10 mins

150 g almond butter/ crunch peanut butter

1 tbsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp coconut oil

6 tbsp water – if using soaked dates only use 3tsp max, mix first and add slowly if and as required

250 g dark chocolate for top layer


Blend your almond flour in a food processor to a fine texture

Add the agave and coconut oil and blend

Line a baking tin with baking parchment (we used a 6-7 inch tray) and spread the shortbread ingredients in, patting it down to compact it so that its firm and will hold its shape when cut.

Leave in freezer while you make the caramel to set the base

In a food processor blend together your caramel ingredients until smooth. Give it plenty of time to ensure that you get a super smooth caramel. Depending on your food processor this will take between 3-8 mins. 

Spread this mixture on top of the shortbread in a smooth layer

Melt your dark chocolate and spread over the caramel layer.

Put in the freezer to set and chocolate to harden for 15 minutes

TOP TIP to cut these and ensure they hold their shape is to heat the blade of your knife by holding it over a kettle that has just boiled, (be careful!) allow the steam to heat up the blade. Dry the blade and then it should cut through these beautifully! Cut into squares and DEMOLISH!!!

These are best served from the fridge to ensure that they hold their shape

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