Our Route so far….

Our first nine months in the motorhome was spent travelling through France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with a little bit of England thrown in. Click here to see the map of where we visited during 2014/2015.

In September 2015 we kicked off year 2 of our trip, which will hopefully take us through Eastern Europe and up into Scandanavia once we get through the winter.  To keep a track of where we are Click here to see the map.

In September 2017 we started our Year 3 which stayed local in the UK, taking in Scotland and lots of other beautiful areas before heading to Spain for the winter, Click here to see the route we took

And we are now enjoying Year 4 which we started in July 2018 Click here to see the route so far…. this will be a little different as we have a new motorhome, Hattie and we are exploring a bit more of the UK before we head to New Zealand ….

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