Gail’s parents and 2nd TV

Gail’s parents arrived on Wednesday and hopefully it’ll help with the recovery of Gail’s dad.  They have certainly brought the weather with them.  We actually had a BBQ and I could cook in glorious sunshine 🙂

I moved the motor-home back so that Gail’s folks could get the the car into the garage.  That had the added benefit that the Satellite TV worked as it could pick up reception between the house and a large tree that had been previously beside the motor-home; this was important as there was the Europa cup final that I wanted to watch and there was a clash with the English programme watching in the house.  This was also useful as good preparation for the World cup so they’ll be no viewing clashes 🙂

We’ve got another week in the house before we go off somewhere in the motor-home for about a week.  We’re unsure of the destination as yet, though it’ll probably be around the area near to Rouen.  Fingers crossed that the weather stays for a bit longer…

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