BBQ, white asparagus and football…

If you want to hear about an evening where we BBQ’s apparagus whilst watching the football, then I’m araid that you are going to be disappointed as the 3 topics in this case are not related.

We have now checked that our new BBQ works connecting it to the external gas point from the motorhome, one of the last major things to check, though it is still to be used in anger to actually cook something; next time 🙂

Yesterday we brought some white asparagus, it was definitely the 1st time that we were going to cook it.  Luckily just before cooking, we found out that we need to peel it and cook it for longer that it’s green cousin.  Luckily the internet saved the day, though as we hadn’t had green asparagus for quite a while we don’t know which one gives your wee a stonger smell of sugar puffs..!!!

Yes it is near the end of the football season, which I’m sure is great for some, but not for others; we also have a split household.  However, there still remain what could be some cracking matches; the final premier league games tomorrow, the Europe cup final, the FA cup final and then the Champions league final.  That said, being an even year, there is only about a 3 week gap and then in this case it is the World cup that will begin and last for about a month; luckily we have the  motorhome which also has a TV 🙂

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