Schools out

Keith has also finished his french lessons as of last Thursday; now we’ll see how much he actually knows… in truth Gail’s french is pretty good, though with practise she will eventually be happy with it 🙂

We’re off from Saturday or so for a trip in the Motor home whilst the house is rented out for about a week.  We’re planning on going up the the area near to Rouen.  We’re looking forward to it, though hoping that the weather improves from what it has been these last couple of days.  Each time I’m sure that we’ll load up the motorhome slightly different to make it better balanced and use of the space; yes, I’ve already juggled with things that are going in the garage 🙂

On Sunday evening we went to some of the neighbours with Andy and Alex for some “aperitifs”.  The wine was very good, as were the pizza that Sandro made.  He’s Italian and a very good cook; he made the pizza’s for the youngsters, i.e. Gail and Keith… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Schools out

  1. Hey, loving your blog. Tried the plank! Thought 5 minutes sounded ok……..I managed 1.5 minutes hmmmm. Will practice again next month 🙂 just scored 2 points in touch rugby tonight, had 2 great games in summer league so loving the team spirit. Enjoy your week travelling xx

    • I’m glad you tried the plank. Yes, I started at about 1.5 minutes and just added a little, 5 seconds, each day. I found that practising counting in French took my mind off it 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the Rugby; we’ll soon see you on the International stage…

  2. Les leçons de Français sont finies ??? OUI ! Mais n’oubliez pas de continuer à parler français …..J’ai perdu dimanche contre Sandra après 3 h de match ! Bonne semaine en camping-car ! Marie-Laure

    • Seulemente les leçons formel sont finies 🙂 Avec les parents de Gail nous ne parlons pas beaucoup, mais nous continuons parler français de temp en temp. Nous avons commencé regarder quelques series en français por le internet aussi. 3h de match, que dur! J’espere que tu as beaucoup de élèves.

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