Day 9 of Lockdown ….. 24/3/2020


Rather than wait another month, I thought I would give you an update on Spain and how isolation is going.  Until a couple of days ago I hadn’t realised that the Spanish isolation terms were even more vigorous than Italy… I had wondered why the numbers were still increasing at such a great rate.

We are both well and we are all adhering to the isolation rules – including Hattie! There are now 14 motorhomes left out of 64 so keeping your distance isn’t a problem and in fact our neighbour who was two spaces away from us has moved further down …. might well be something to do with the cough I have developed …. joke!

The weather has been less than Spanish over the last week, the worst of which has come today as it has been blowing up a gale and we have pretty much spent the whole day inside but we have managed to have the door open and spend a bit of time outside the rest of the week, albeit in jumpers!

Each day has been a learning curve and we are evolving our approach but trying to keep a routine to get the exercise in first thing in the morning to help kick the day off to a decent start.  We have started to try building in a bit of running on the spot to the exercises and also, later in the day – yes, I know it sounds strange – we go for a half an hour ‘Walk on the Spot’ together.  Well, you have to make things work for you within the limitations you have…. today, we have managed to do two walks in the motorhome whilst raining – all we need now is a fake dog and we’ll be well away!

We have also completely stopped going out 30m apart to the same supermarket as quite a lot of people have been stopped by the police. Instead one of us will go to one supermarket and another to a different one, or if there isn’t any shopping to do – throw out the recycling …. anything to get a little bit of fresh air and stretch the legs without being in contact with people.

It is interesting to see the different supermarket’s approach – Mercadona is our closest and pretty much every time either of us have been, it has been quiet and you can walk straight in and they have most of the produce, although today was an exception.  Consum has a one in one out policy and everyone must use hand sanitiser before they go in.   The queues go round the block but everyone waits patiently, 1m apart for their turn to go in and it is very well managed.

Then you have Carrefour which I haven’t quite worked out their policy yet as when I went the other day I had to queue for about 30 minutes and they then let 100+ people in at the same time which kind of defeated the object.  Keith said it was one in one out yesterday though so hopefully they have now got themselves sorted.

The good news is that stock levels are reasonably good.  At the beginning the supermarkets lacked store cupboard goods – flour, rice, pasta, tinned vegetables and tomatoes, beans, tissues, etc but these seem to be mostly back on the shelves now, although they may dip depending on delivery day as I am sure they are still trying to catch up with themselves.  Mercadona is a bit of an unknown as their stock levels seem to be lower than the other two and today was the worst I had seen for fruit, veg and yoghurts…. but we are doing fine and finding plenty of food to feed ourselves on!

We even tried out a new curry recipe yesterday, found on Jimmy and Jamies Friday night dinner from 2017 when they had Joanna Lumley in …. Aubergine Kuzi– a really nice change using ground almonds, tomato paste and yoghurt in the sauce rather than coconut milk/cream or tinned tomatoes.

We are taking advantage of the time that we have got and giving Hattie a good clean – each day another couple of cupboards or lockers are ticked off the list.  Keith has been doing most of the cleaning to be fair but I emptied out the under floor storage area yesterday which is where we keep most of our tins, wine and fruit and rather embarrassingly found an escaped satsuma…. or what was left of it.  It had obviously tried to jump ship to join the gin but hadn’t quite made it so was quite dehydrated!  Thankfully no damage done but just highlights we need to check and clean that storage area a little more often!

Dealing with the rumours/unknown has actually been the most difficult thing over the last week as you are constantly waiting for something to happen – we have both now stopped thinking about everything that is flying around unless it is on a government website and then we take a view.  The rumours of the police shutting off the facilities on sites were true however – we knew that they had already closed the toilets, showers and communal areas at several other sites close by but the police hadn’t been on site until Saturday when they cordoned off all communal facilities telling everyone that they had to stay on their own pitch…. sensible some may say but others still chose to ignore the instructions.

We had already decided to go back to using our own facilities a few days beforehand when we saw that the government had told all sites to close communal areas and it doesn’t cause us a problem as long as we can still fill up with water and get rid of our waste – which we can.

Unfortunately several people didn’t understand why this was necessary and were still trying to treat this like a holiday – needless to say most of these people have now left and gone home.

Life is restrictive but you can still keep happy and healthy, eating well and doing exercise.  Spain’s death rates from the Virus are still on the increase but we are only 9 days in to the lock down so I expect that we have a few more to go until the line starts to level off.  We are all in this together no matter where you are and all we can do is relax, do what they ask and remember that there are people in a far worse situation than us.  On the plus side, look at what this is doing to the environment and let’s hope that once we get through to the other side everyone will take note and make some changes to make the world we are living in a better place.

Last Wednesday we found out that the Spanish government planned to close all short term campsites, holiday accommodation and hotels as of 26th March at mid-night.  We have been told that we are considered a long term site as we are self sufficient and that they will be able to stay open – however, with everything that has gone on over the last couple of weeks we aren’t taking anything for granted and will wait to see if we get a knock on the door and are told to leave.

Happy isolation everyone and leave the loo roll on the shelves if you don’t need it!

One thought on “Day 9 of Lockdown ….. 24/3/2020

  1. hi to you both, thank you for testifying with precision your life of “confined” Our thoughts are with you especially since here in Normandy the weather is magnificent with a beautiful blue sky. Here the discipline in the stores is very well followed, awareness is there. We will certainly have an extension of the containment until the end of April. As I could tell you in my email I walk between 7 and 8 km per day which is my usual daily exercise. Take good care of yourself . Life will be better when the situation becomes normal. cordially Christian

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