Christmas festivities – 27/12/15

As December is typically the month of over-indulgence we appear to be doing pretty well even though we aren’t in the UK. Staying in the same place for a longer period of time has some benefits as it means that we have had the chance to meet more people and build on friendships – something we missed last year.

Apologies if it is a bit dull, but yet again most of the last couple of weeks has been focussed around food……not a huge surprise I know, but even I am getting to the point of saturation 😦 …roll on January and perhaps it will calm down a little.

As we don’t have much entertaining space inside the Motorhome we are making the most of the unusually warm, dry winter, cooking bar b q’s and what has become known as ‘English rice’ for a mixture of Spanish, French and Lithuanian friends. The Anderson household is becoming increasingly well known for its desserts – not a Spanish forte – and I am sure that my mum will be pleased to know that I have now introduced Chocolate Fridge Cake to Europe….. A worthy addition to the Spanish culture 🙂

The ‘English rice’ – just in case you wanted to know – is Keith’s version of a Paella, containing salmon, prawns, artichoke hearts, green beans, red pepper and chorizo …. oddly, it is the chorizo that the Spanish have a bit of an issue with – but so far, once tried, no-one appears to turn it down….. We may have started a trend 🙂

However, we can’t knock the traditional Spanish Paella and were invited to eat at Jorge and Yolanda’s last weekend where Jorge cooked up a delicious Arroz a Banda which contained tuna, prawns, calamari and artichokes….. Believe it or not but this was for 7 adults – after having eating a huge array of croquettes, ham, herring and Octopus caught by their oldest son…. It was never ending 🙂



Naturally we have continued to work our way through the Tapas competition in El Campello taking in another four bars and their respective tapas – cockles in a delicious pepper sauce, Russian salad and anchovies, mini burger (not so great) and the grand finale for the evening which was a succulent beef ball with caramelised onions ….. Definitely a step above the rest…

Thankfully we have continued with the exercise, swimming in the sea – I forgot to mention that Keith has now christened his wet suit – as well as managing to get Santi (one of our Spanish friends) out on his bike and up to Buzot 🙂


And somehow it is Christmas again….. Not sure how that crept up on us. Although the Spanish celebrate on the 24th like most of Europe (just us Brits that are a little odd), we kept the British tradition going and were 6 for lunch on Christmas Day…… Just in case you think I can’t count…..we picked up another three for dessert 🙂


Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon, Steak on the Bar B Q, Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake for desert and home made truffles to round it all off….. Not a turkey or Christmas pud in sight, but our vision may have been slightly blurred by the alcohol that accompanied each course.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and bring in the New Year in style.

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