Back in the beautiful rolling hills of Italy… 5/6/15

Despite being very large and slightly over populated, the campsite was really well run, had great facilities and was incredibly peaceful considering the quantity of kids running around, so we ended up staying four nights. The airshow wasn’t such a great event unfortunately, in fact we ended up seeing more on the Saturday afternoon in the ‘warm-up’ than on the Sunday as shortly after the display started, two planes collided killing one of the pilots. Thankfully they collided over the sea so there weren’t any more casualties, but from what I found on the internet Italian airshows are definitely to be avoided as they don’t appear to have a great record for safety.

As we had decided not to move whilst Italy was enjoying its ‘bank-holiday’, we took advantage of the downtime to get some nice coastal walking and cycling in, and as the beaches and the sea were so welcoming, we even went for a dip J – This is definitely the nicest coastal location we have visited in Italy if you want beaches and tranquility, everything was clean, neat and tidy and all the accommodation looked smarter than we have seen to date … obviously a place for the slightly wealthier Italians to come on holiday.

AscoliPiceno1_20150603On Tuesday morning we set off into the mountains again, a slightly longer route than originally planned, but our SatNav definitely has a mind of its own sometimes ….. dirt tracks really????

We stopped for lunch in a town called ‘Ascoli Piceno’ which has a very pretty old town with many of the buildings constructed in the same stone and valleys acting as its defence on either side, before heading on to a small town called ‘Sarnano’ where we parked up in the large car park/Aire at the bottom of the lift to the old town.

Sarnano has a small but beautiful walled old town all built in a red brick and unsurprisingly when you look at the views it doubles as a Ski Resort in the winter

Sarnano2_20150603Awaking to a market not too far from our doorstep, we thankfully managed to get a quick Tabata routine in before our section of the car park also filled up with cars, obviously taking advantage of buying some additional fruit and veg from the market before heading off.

Pievebovigliana3_20150605With a little bit more wiggling through the beautiful rolling hills of Marche we got to Pievebovigliana, another free Aire just outside the village in the middle of walking and mountain biking country, where the welcome signs states that it is the ‘home of honey’…… we have searched high and low, and although we have found hives we can’t find any honey ….. we have one disappointed bear on board 😦

It has to be said that some of the best Aires in Italy have been free, although we can still count them on one hand. We are the only people here, but it has everything, including electricity (you do need to pay for it though) you need and apart from the birds (and the odd outburst from a donkey), its pretty quiet!

We are only able to stay a couple of nights unfortunately as we need to get to Perugia tomorrow, but got two good walks in yesterday and today and I had a lovely tranquil run this morning…. Definitely a place to come back to.


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