Building International Relations…. 18/5/15

We moved to the coast just on the other side of Taranto as our Italian map showed the coastline as being scenic and we thought that if the weather held, it would be nice to cycle along the coast for a bit.

We pulled up at Sun Bay Campsite (12 euros per night, but everything was extra… inc. emptying/refilling water) where everything was looking rather closed and pre-season, but they opened the gates and happily took our money directing me into the woods where the trees overhung perilously in every direction. I finally managed to convince them that Mika wasn’t going to fit into any of the spaces they suggested and asked if we could park in a slightly more open area …. which pretty much meant the beach. Keeping our fingers crossed that it didn’t rain (it was sand underfoot), we found a reasonably flat spot and opened everything up to breathe.

After a night interrupted by a game of ‘kill the mosquitos’, we managed to push through our morning exercise routine and devour some lovely pancakes before finally setting out along the coast on the bikes. Perhaps we are spoilt with the landscape we have seen, but it was pretty uninspiring unfortunately so after just over 25km of cycling into the wind, we stopped for lunch on some rocks looking out to a rather bland coastline and following lunch, promptly turned round and headed back.

Having had the campsite pretty much to ourselves on Friday night we found that we had now been joined by 5 other Italian motorhomes – who oddly had chosen to park near us on the sand rather than in the dense wood – and 30+ scouts in tents…. Despite our initial thoughts, they didn’t actually end up being too bad, I guess it is all relative though when you have an open air nightclub that appeared to be the center of all entertainment for the area rocking the campsite (literally) until 3am….. its ok though as we would have still been killing mosquitos (I have become a little bit neurotic about them)  if we weren’t listening to the music 😦

Slightly weary after two nights with little sleep, we continued our travels round Puglia to Gallipoli. We arrived at the campsite ‘Baia di Gallipoli’ (16 euros inc elec with ACSI) just after lunch and parked up next to a French cousin to try and help build on international relations ….

Gallipoli1_20150518The first motorhome we have seen towing a Goldwing motorbike … apparently comfort is important 🙂

After a good nights sleep (there were still mosquitos, but somehow we managed to keep more of them out of the motorhome) we headed into Gallipoli on the bikes. The town is split in two, the newer part on the mainland and the older part on an Island connected by a bridge. A nice town which thrived on the wine and oil industry and still has many of the original underground oil presses in the old town. Although there is still a lot of wine and oil in the area, I get the impression that it is the turquoise waters and sandy beaches that generate the areas’ wealth nowadays.


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