Pelayos de la Presa, a dirt track to nowhere and a broken oven


It is amazing how much can happen in a couple of days 🙂

As some of you will have seen on the map, we have back tracked a little and are now extending our journey further south than we had planned as we need to be back in Salamanca to pick up our new satelite box next week – Spanish TV here we come 🙂

It took us longer than expected to sort everything out on Monday morning so we didn’t actually leave Salamanca until late afternoon and with the clocks changing at the weekend we were up against it to arrive at our destination before dark…. but the sat nav decided to try and make the journey more difficuly, and longer than it needed to be.

As the skies were getting darker we turned off of what was already a very windy mountaineous road onto a single track, through the center of a village holding our breath each time we passed another turning and the road got narrower,  then after about 1km onto a road that looked like it went to no-where, and guess what …. it went nowhere.  The Sat Nav said 6km and 40 minutes to the destination, now I am not a rocket scientist, but short of swimming across a river pulling Mika I wasn’t sure how 6kms could take that long in a vehicle.  I started to gain confidence as we drove down the road and 40 minutes quickly turned to 30, then 20, then 10…. obviously the sat nav didn’t know the speed limit on the road so over estimated it …. we were both a bit happier And we had passed a vinyard or two … things were looking up until the Sat Nav told us to go straight on a dirt track.  Ignoring the idea of a dirt track at disk I carried on, time to destination changing to 20 minutes …. I figured we would just be able to make it before dark (we have been eating a lot of carrots)… and then we came across a cattle grid and a fence saying ‘Private Property’.

A discussion as to whether we really thought it was property property, and whether we could try it or not ended up in a five point turn and a journey back down the same road, looking hopefully to the left to see whether the dirt track the Sat Nav had originally pointed us down was actually a mirage and we missed the beautifully tarmacked road with flashing signs pointing towards the campsite … alas no!

So, rather than persevere with the same campsite we decided to try another (it was dark by this point) and thankfully within 30 minutes we arrived at Camping La Enfermeria which is just outside a small town called Pelayos de la Presa.  All of the campsites in Spain to this point have been open until about 9pm each day …. for some reason, apart from a dog barking continuously there wasn’t any sign of life (it was only 7pm despite being very dark).  Tired and hungry, we parked in the car park, settled into making some dinner (Bean curry …yum) and listening to the dog barking – deciding that we would deal with whether we should be parked where we were in the morning.

Thankfully the dog stopped barking by about 9pm and Keith managed to find the campsite manager who said we could stay where we were and talk to them in the morning.

The reason we were trying to stop in this area as it looked like it would be good for walking/cycling .. so this morning we set out on a walk through the countryside …


you have to admit … it is quite beautiful.

After a nice long walk Keith set in to chopping onions and preparing a quiche whilst I started the washing. When Keith tried to close the oven door after pre-heating it, it wouldn’t close.  It has dropped and now when you try to close it, it hits the ignitor button…..ah well, no more baking for a while 😦

We have been trying to find a Buerstner service center as we need to have the 12 month ‘habitation’ check carried out in the next few weeks, but the one in Madrid can’t even look at the problem for three weeks, hopefully the one in Gijon will have a shorter waiting list when it re-opens after holidays next week! Suddenly the need is a little more urgent … I wonder how many times one of us will bang our head on the oven door in the next few weeks?

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