Bergerac – 3/10 – 5/10

What is it about the French (or perhaps the ‘Dordognese’) and their driving – I apreciate that we aren’t the smallest vehicle and in some cases, when we are driving along some of the small country lanes we take up the majority of the road, but to pull out of a side road / farm when we are 20 foot away an to drive towards us in my mind is just odd….  the driver was 80+ and I did question whether he actually saw us coming … but then didn’t want to think about the answer ….. I wouldn’t mind but it isn’t the only time it happened in the last few days ….. it is an interesting style of driving 🙂

Anyway…..Bergerac is a beautiful old town sitting on the Dordogne river. Architecturally it is very similar to Sarlat, but I would almost say slightly nicer, although that could be due to the fact that it was slightly less touristy and it felt a little more like a ‘real’ town.  A large part is pedestrianised to protect the buildings and streets and it is picture postcard.

We found a Muncipal campsite ten minutes walk from town which was ‘heavily shaded’ (14.66 euros inclusive), which as long as you avoided the acorn trees (and the goose poo) was really nice.

Being a little bit of a ‘towny’ I hadn’t ever seen walnuts on a tree…. or at least maybe I had, but I didn’t know what they were – however, whilst we were walking just outside Sarlat we found some sweet chestnuts and walnuts which had fallen from trees and on Friday night we roasted the chestnuts on the bar b q …… yum 🙂


We explored every corner of the town on Friday afternoon and then headed back in on Saturday morning to the local market which was bustling. We then walked along the Dordogne taking in some of the scenery in the afternoon … very tranquil.


2 thoughts on “Bergerac – 3/10 – 5/10

  1. Hi Gail and Keith, has summer finished for us with the arrival of cold weather accompanied by rain and very windy nights. What’s it like for you ? Have you used your heating yet ?

  2. That’s what happens when you go back to Ireland for the winter….. as beautiful as it is, like England it is a little susceptible to being cold and wet in the winter …. it is what makes it so beautiful and fertile!
    The weather has started to change a little in the last week or so and we have had a fair amount of rain during a short period. But even so, it is what we would call ‘fresh’in the mornings, but not cold ….. occassionally in the mountains it dropped down to about 2 degrees, but mostly it is about 10/12 degrees now we are almost back at sea level.
    We haven’t put the heating on yet …. but I have worn a jumper a few times !
    We are heading towards Spain now….. so if you fancy coming joining us somewhere during the winter – just let us know 🙂

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