Angers – 5/9 – 7/9


Camping Lac de Maine – 16.55 euros each night all inclusive

Keith found this lovely campsite on the edge of a lake and the Loire in the ACSI book, which has more than returned the money we paid for it now.  Clean, tidy and friendly situated 5km outside Angers which is a large, but pretty town on the Loire.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and wondered into Angers to have a look around.  It has a ‘real’ Chateau ….. not quite sure how they differentiate between a Chateau used for protecting the town and the pretty ones that the rich people used to live in … but this one was quite impressive and still mostly intact.

There are two parts to the town, the newer, which still contains older buildings but is predominantly a shopping area, and the old, which is solely residential now and has no access for vehicles … very pretty.


When we got back to the campsite Mika’s twin sister was parked opposite her.  She was owned my an Austrian couple who were as enthusiastic as we were to see the differences between the two motorhomes despite the fact that we speak no Austrian and they spoke no/very little English. 

Saturday morning we popped into the market to stock up on fruit and veg and then decided to try and explore the region and its vinyards on bike.  90km later we had definately done some exploring – the most beautiful place (An undeveloped Richmond on Thames) was a village 5km along the Loire called Bouchemaine where there are a handful of bars and restaurants on the river front.  Our ‘tour’ took us along the Loire to Chalonnes-sur-Loire and then down towards Thouarce then up to Brissac-Quince (which has a beautiful ‘posh’ Chateau), on to Les Ponts de Ce and then back to the campsite.

Somehow or t’other we missed out on the ‘degustacion’ as many of the tasting rooms were closed.  We made up for it with a couple of glasses of wine with our dinner and a catch up with some neighbours from near Cork.


2 thoughts on “Angers – 5/9 – 7/9

  1. It is delightful to keep receiving your news although I am very envious. All well on Upper Hedgemead Road, you’ll be pleased to know. Jane and Roger and Lola the dog are back at Number 2. I get the feeling there is a changeover at Number 4….but don’t really know. Keep enjoying yourselves. Love Anne (at Number 3 across !!!)

    • Lovely to hear from you. I can only hope that perhaps you will see somewhere that inspires you to go and visit! The only problem will be in choosing where, so far everywhere has been lovely – we are being truly spoilt !
      No. 4 is changing unfortunately, Simon and Caroline have bought somewhere so we are in the process of finding new tenants. Fingers crossed they will be as nice 🙂

      Lots of love, Gail

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