Nantes 3/9 – 5/9

Nantes Camping – 16.50 euros all inclusive

Wow what a campsite – this one is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. It is a municipal 5 star eco friendly site open all year round situated 5km outside Nantes by the University.

Nantes is a beautiful city which is buzzing as it has a huge university. After arriving we wondered into town to have a look round and it is the kind of place that you could go from café to café, via a patisserie and just people watch. As with La Rochelle everything is pristine, although slightly more normal, with shops that you wouldn’t mind going into and having a look around … oh and toilets that you don’t have to pay for 🙂

Today we cycled over to Trentmoult which is a small old village on the other side of the river and then afterwards on to see the Ile de Machines …

Dave and Nicky suggested that we came and had a look and we weren’t disappointed. If you are interested in mechanics or engineering or even just animals you would be amazed by the skill that has gone into creating the ‘machines’ that you can touch, move and ride on 🙂

We spent nearly two hours looking at the mechanics in the gallery, which is where they have a giant ant which takes 5 people to move, a heron which can take 4 passengers, a plane and a concept mini tree world amongst other things – all built out of wood and metal with the mechanics to move like the animals/plants. Everything is child (and inquisitive adult) friendly and they invite you to sit on the animals and operate them as they move around.

We then moved outside to ride the elephant…..

Nantes Machines40_20140904

Weighing in at 48.4 tonnes the elephant is 12m tall, 21m long and moves at a maximum of 3km an hour. It would be quite a site if you were driving through Nantes and had no idea of its existence as it is almost pre-historic ….although I am not quite sure that elephants have such long eyelashes.

I was a little over zealous with my camera and had to cut the 78 photos down to 37 ….. but the tree is due to be completed by 2018 and so far there is only one branch on display …. definately worth a trip back

After a bit more of a wander around the centre and up to the top of the Commerce tower which has fantastic views over Nantes we headed back at the campsite for a bar b q and some inside info on Italy from our new neighbours from Northern Ireland.

Nantes Skyline8_20140904


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