24 hour race…

Ouistreham, France – Camping municipal ‘Les Pommiers’ – Rue de la haie breton, 14150 (63Euros for 5 nights, 21-26/8/14, elec inc)

Our next stop was a strange one, but more of necessity as we travelled back briefly to the UK to drop of the car. It was good to catch up with both families whilst there, even if it was only briefly.

The camp site was a strange place as it appeared that some people spent their holidays there which is a little odd as there isn’t much in Ouistreham, but it definitely wasn’t just a stop off place for trips to and from the UK. The faclities on the site were all fairly basic, but more than good enough for our needs; there was even a bakery stall by the welcome building as well as a place on site for take away meals though we didn’t try these. There was a French family staying a few vehicles away from us that consisted of mum, her mum, 3 children and a dog. It seemed to be a bit of mayhem, but whatever works for the individual 🙂

When we were last at the Jaqueline motorhome place near to Caen, they had told us that we would be able to weigh our motorhome at the ‘Point Vert’ to the north West of Caen. We turned up at the Point Vert on leaving the camp site and it looked like an average garden type centre, so as you can imagine we were a bit sceptical. however, Gail checked and sure enough, they had a weighbridge out back and provided us with a total weight, as well as the individual axle weights for 10Euros. Apparently a number of the other Point Vert also have a ‘Balance’, but best to ask; they are usually used to weigh loaded agricultural vehicles.

Le Mans, France, Municipal camp site ‘Le Port’ – Quai de l’Amiral Lalande (Free – 2 nights, 26-28/8/14)
Our next stop was Le Mans. Being near the end of the French holidays, we decided just to rock up and see what we could find as according to Gail’s parents there was a municipal motorhome site in the centre; we had a backup plan as there was a campsite in our discount book that was located about 7Km from the centre. Without having the details of the location of the site, we decided just to head for the centre of Le Mans and search for the site. Just before crossing the river and heading towards the older part of town we saw the sign for the site, which we duly followed. Our plan of arriving mid-afternoon was a good one as the site was a very basic one and only had space for 7 motorhomes; later on in the afternoon and evening there were many motorhomes that arrived and left disappointed. The site is right by the river and about 1Km walk from the old town. Although the site is very basic, you can empty the grey water and toilet as well as fill up with fresh water. It was free, so what more do you expect 🙂

Walking around Le Mans the old part of the town is definately the prettiest with its twisty and windy cobbled streets near to the cathedral, which can only be described as HUGE.

We found out from one of the other motorhome owners at the site that during July and August there is a light show during the evening in Le Mans around various sites, where various images portraying different stories  are projected onto certain buildings


The light show starts at night fall and goes on for about a couple of hours, which each ‘story’ lasting about 10-15 mins and then it is repeated.  The picture didn’t come out great, but below is a snapshot of the cathedral during the light show.

Le Mans24_20140827


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