Km’s walked and cycled during Euro tour..

We had a mad idea that it would be interesting to see how many Km’s, yes we thought we’d go European, we walk/cycle during our tour around Europe as well how many we drive.

As such for a bit of fun, not sure if there be a small prize for the person closet to the actual amount, if you fancy having a guess then please can you let us know by the 12th Sept’14 how many Km’s you think we’ll walk/cycle until the beginning of Aug’15?

We’ll add an update every now and again to the blog of the current total of our progress 🙂

To date we have covered 81Km.

Gail guessed 5200Km
Keith guess 6000Km – we may well be doing some more cycling in the last few weeks 🙂

6 thoughts on “Km’s walked and cycled during Euro tour..

  1. I will be cheeky and come in with a late 9,001 km 🙂

    3,000 L red wine
    1,000 L white wine
    5,000 L fizzy cold lager
    128 kg cured meats
    2 punctures

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