Auberge Cheverie – Juvigny-sous-Andaines 16/8/14


After our last game of tennis at the club we headed to Juvigny in convoy to park up in the car park and enjoy a gastronomique feast with Tom and Monique. My parents have raved about the evening meal here for ages but we have only visited at lunch time (also great food), so felt it apt for our ‘last supper’.

Following Kir royale, red wine, foie gras (I probably shouldn’t say that out loud – but for someone who hasn’t ever had it before, it was amazing), home cured Salmon, lamb cooked for 7 hours, more cheese than you could imagine eating, and some delicious deserts we retired to the car park for a very pleasant nights’ sleep despite the peacock which decided it wanted to look for a mate at sunrise ….. noisy little buggers.

Thank you Tom and Monique for sharing the evening with us and for the lovely homemade jams…. oh and more cheese J

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