Au revoir et a bientôt Bagnoles de L’Orne

Bagnoles Chateau2_20140614

It is time to say goodbye to our home for the last 4.5 months …. oh ok, the photo above is the Chateau de Bagnoles and Mairie, the one below is the house 🙂

Bagnoles Outside House4_20140614

We have had a fantastic time, got to know some lovely people, walked, cycled and run the forests, played tennis and eaten some great food….. what more can you ask for? The locals are so friendly they even held a national holiday yesterday with fireworks over the lake last night to say a final goodbye 🙂

Keith has now got a good level of French and mine has been revived from the ancient past although that probably means that the Spanish has taken a bit of a knock – but we get by!

We will be back ……first stop Juvigny-sous-andaine for dinner tonight.




3 thoughts on “Au revoir et a bientôt Bagnoles de L’Orne

  1. I hope your journey goes well, it was a pleasure to meet you both, I hope the bike goes well, and the breaks work lol love to you both
    Susan & Pam Xx

    • The bike is holding out and after a bit of Keith’s handy work is fitting in perfectly! Over the last week it has been to Bayeaux and along to Juno beach with us…. It will be a well travelled bike by the time it gets back!
      Have fun in Barcelona if we don’t hear from you beforehand.

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