Saint Malo

If we had longer we would have travelled round the coast as there are so many beautiful places to see, but with only ten days this time we decided to cut across and drive directly to St Malo – we will definitely be back another time (out of school holidays) to take in some more of the coastal line and perhaps do the coastal path as well.

The drive was a pretty uninteresting one, but it was the quickest route. The campsite is situated on a hill looking over St Malo bay. Once again it is a municipal one – Camping La Cite d’Alet should have been 20 euros 50 Cents, but somehow we got mistaken for a tent and only got charged 15 euros ….

The campsite is set on a hill next to a fort looking over the bay to St Malo (approximately 2km walk from the old town) surrounded by beautiful views such as the following

Saint Malo3_20140802

We were also in hearing distance of the port with the odd tannoy announcement and quite rudely a 7am ‘honk’ on Sunday morning …. and I thought they were a catholic country 🙂

It was actually very peaceful and pretty for its position, so we couldn’t really complain.

For those of you who haven’t been here before, although a port, St Malo is a really pretty walled town with a really nice long promenade to walk along the seafront.

We wondered around the old town on Saturday afternoon when we arrived and then went for a long walk along the coast on Sunday stopping for a picnic in a rather tranquil setting ….

Saint Malo17_20140802

although we did think about stopping for some over sized twiglets on the way but they were too pretty to eat…

Saint Malo15_20140802

Back at the campsite, the unnatural obsession that I have about the weight limit on the motorhome meant I had to go and ask a couple from Guernsey how they get away with carrying a full sized gas bar b q (similar to the one we have at home) and a 750cc motorbike in their garage in addition to two bicycles and all the normal things the rest of us carry … apparently we are worrying about nothing – they have been weighed both in the UK and in France and the border control appear to turn a blind eye ….. oh well, obsession over – lets see what other interesting things we find in peoples garages over the next 12 months 🙂




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