Huelgoat is a small town centred around walking, cycling and riding. It is surrounded by forest and sits on a lake with some fantastic boulder formations which predominantly are arranged in old river beds but also appear to be randomly distributed around the area. We found a beautiful old cottage with one of these boulders (measuring approx. 15ft x 20ft) about two foot from the house … not quite sure which was there first, but if it was the rock you have ask why they built the house so close….. and if it wasn’t, that was a close game of battleships 🙂

It was a lovely place and we got some good walking in both through the countryside and through the woods along an old mining canal. The campsite we stayed at was a municipal one approximately 1km out of town and cost 12.44 Euro each night, can’t really complain. We managed to pick up some ‘poitrine’ (the closest France gets to Bacon) on the way to Huelgoat, so on Saturday morning we had our first bar-b-q brekkie of bacon, eggs and beans…. Certainly set us up for the days walking!

Huelgoat Bacon

We met a lovely (although rather insane) couple from the Netherlands who were staying on the pitch next to us with their two very large Pyraneen mountain dogs…. Better described as bears as the smaller one was 70kg. The couple had just bought the motorhome (second hand) and stripped out part of the interior so that the dogs could sit inside and rather ingeniously converted the garage (roughly the same size as ours) into a sleeping area for the dogs when it was too cold/wet for them to sleep outside.

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