La Flaveur restaurant

Le Pres Vert, Concarneau, France (19.44Euro/night without Elec)

We stopped off in the pretty little town of Pont Aven on route to Concarneau. If you’re into you artist and gallery shops then it’ll be the place for you. The river estuary location is very nice, with some expensive looking houses.

Getting into the camp site after we arrived to ages as it seems that the daughter who has taken on the running of the place is not very organised. However, the parents are still around and help out to smooth things over; though they can chat, chat and chat, but then it was good practise for Gail 🙂

The campsite is seems very relaxed and peaceful, luckily making muesli and rolls didn’t interfere with this tranquillity.

View from the bottom field on the campsite, unfortunately not from Mika:-


On the Tuesday evening we went out for our 1st meal of this trip.  The restaurant La Flaveur was excellent.  We took the cheaper of the 3 menus at 25Euros/person which was for 3 courses, but the food was superb and unique and not something that we would be able to do at home, let alone the motorhome, so it was definitely worthwhile.  We also liked the size of the wine glasses.


Concarneau itself as a town is worth a trip to see, especially the old town in the fortification guarding the port area; it was a surprise to use when we entered it.


Quiberon, France – Camping Beausejour (15Euro/night without elec, plus 4.5Euro pppn)

On route to Quiberon, we stopped off in the town of Vannes for a wander around. This has a pretty quay area and a very nice old town, well worth a stop over and a wonder around; it was a good place to stop and eat our lunch 🙂

The camping Beausejour had all the facilities that we wanted. The site was fairly busy, but then all the sites on the coast will be the same during the summer months. On the day of arrival we did think that it seemed to be lacking somewhat in the number of showers, but it turned out that what we thought was an excess of toilets was in fact 1/2 toilets and 1/2 showers. Although the site itself doesn’t have a shop or a bar, there is one of each next door. The shop is excellent and has everything in it more or less, even a fairly good bakery, though we haven’t tried the bar.

After a walk around the coast to the centre of Quiberon on the Sunday, we tried a local Brittany pastry speciality that is called ‘Kouring Amann’. It was very good, though as it was essentially pastry, butter and caramel you wouldn’t wont one of these that often 🙂

On the Monday we cycled into Carnac with the aim to have a look around the town and then see the Menhirs, Megaliths, alignments of over 1000 standing stones. These are alot smaller than those of Stone henge and not so impressive, though the fact of how they got them here 5000 years ago is. When we arrived in Carnac we realised that although we had the bike locks, Keith had forgotten the keys; we wondered briefly around the town with our bikes, though if we were going to forget the key on one day, then today was as good as any as there was not that much to see anyway.

Carnac Megaliths2_20140728

After another walk into Quiberon, which is well worth a visit as a nice seaside town, we had just got back and opened a bottle of cidre to share as an apperitif which some crips when the heavens opened. Luckily the menacing black clouds had given us warning and we had already ducked inside.