Guegon, France – Le Domaine De Kerelly camping (16Euro/night without elec)

We’ve decided that we have now begun our tour of Europe, though with a stay of 12 days back at the house in Bagnoles; we are currently thinking of staying in the motorhome 🙂

Gail enjoyed her lunchtime rolls during a stop on the drive to Josselin.


We noted that even with a loaded motorhome it does definitely drive better with the addition of the air suspension on rear axle.  On the journey we nothced up the first 1000 miles in Mika, though I’m sure that the next 9000 to the 10000 landmark will probably arrive in the timescale of the first 1000 if not before 🙂

We had a nice shaddy spot for Mika at the camping; this definitely kept her fresher, though we’ll have to deal with the sap from the tree on our return to Bagnole.

The camping site was more than adecuate for the price, and a fantastic location to visit the very pretty medieval town of Josselin (2.5km from the camp site to the centre) and right by the river.  Josselin has a fantastic Chateau and a great market on a Saturday morning, though it is very touristic.


We decided to do without the Electric to test the limits of Mika running on gas and the solar panel, though obviously this will change depending on the weather and time of the year; obviously if electric was included in the price then we’d use it (prices in the summer seem to range from about 4-7Euros/night) 🙂

Friday night at the camp site was a BBQ evening with some free live music outside.  We didn’t partake in the BBQ as we had one planned for the Saturday with burgers and sausages anyway, though we did spend the evening buying drinks from the bar and listening to the music; very amusing even if Keith didn’t really understand what they were singing.

On the Saturday after lunch we decided to go for a bike ride along the very pretty river, which is strewn with locks.  We ended up having a gentle cycle, yes we can do exercise gently as well, to a town call Rohan; though the round trip was about 45Km.  The town has nothing to do with the clothing store or the Horse lords in Lord of the Rings.  In fact, if it did have one of these links then it may have been more interesting; no, not one that we’d recommend.  However, Gail was after an ice cream and after some searching and just at the point of giving it up as a lost cause we found a supermarket that sold some; unfortunately the minimun pack size contained 3 and with a long way back we had to eat them all 🙂

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