A clean motorhome

Back again in the house in France; as you can imagine there were a number of chores to be done after our recent trip.  We gave Mika her first wash, apart from scrubbing the top, and after throwing off the mud splatters from the UK and France she is gleaming once again.  Gail cleaned the car as well just so that he didn’t feel too jealous…

With the rain and sun it was time to attack cutting the grass again; it was surprising that the grass hadn’t grown too much though the various weeds, for which there are lots, in it had.

Being in the motor home for the week gave us the bug to carry on a bit and we even contemplated trying to go and see some of the Normandy D-day celebrations a bit more up close.  However, unsurprisingly all sites were already booked up.  It did make us rethink our ideas and we are now planning on leaving the house in France a bit earlier than originally planned; currently the 3rd week in August.  However before this we are currently planning a 2 week trip to Brittany for the 2nd half of July… 🙂

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