Camping De L’Aubette, East of Rouen, France (28/5-30/5/14, 9.5E/night without elec)

On the route to the next camping stop we stopped off at one of the supermarkets to top up on our supplies. Luckily it was one of the hypermarket type stores which also sold a selection pack of fuses; we had meant to get one of these at some point anyway 🙂

After going to the camping we were going to a motor home store that had accessories as well to get another connector for the TV power. However we ended up doing this in reverse. The reason was due to us firstly selecting the incorrect lane in the centre of Rouen which directed us over the river Seine as the SatNav was not clear in time. This in itself would not have been a problem as the SatNav recalculated the route to cross over on the next bridge. 15 minutes later we found out the next bridge was closed. At this point we decided to go the motor home accessory place first as we were a bit further south. As ever, a SatNav route is never as straight forward as shown on the screen and before arriving at the motor home shop we thought that we were doing a bit of rallying. Still, we finally got here and managed to get what we were after luckily so all back up and running.

The camping was very basic, the photo below reminds Keith of his 1st French school trip, and we decided to forgo the electric and some other additions such as a hot shower and use those of the motor home as these almost doubled the price of the camping; we have after all solar power and a shower 🙂


We walked into Rouen on Thursday, which was about 4-5Km. Rouen itself is well worth a visit, maintaining, even if reconstructed, a lot of historic type buildings as well as some very impressive and imposing buildings. Close to the old marked, we also had an excellent meal at lunchtime. We think that it helped that it was a bank holiday in France yesterday and hence an amount of shops were shut; you know how much we enjoy shopping…

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