2023 – here we come….

Although we are still awaiting the arrival of Fawks I can whet your appetite a little as we did pop over to Belgium just before Christmas to have a good look around, measure up and sort out a few final pieces…. and if we don’t say so ourselves, he is pretty smart!

Still a little while longer though as he hasn’t quite made it into the country yet… so watch this space for more in the coming weeks!

Apart from a very brief trip over to Belgium we have been pretty static, enjoying the natural beauty around us… despite the temperature dropping down to -9 at points the light at this time of year just gives such a beautiful colour spectrum both in the UK…

and in Belgium….

We didn’t manage to make it to any of the Belgium Christmas markets unfortunately but there will always be another year.
In the meantime – whilst we have had to distract ourselves from getting too carried away with the imminent arrival – we have been focussing on food… no change there then!

Apart from the normal – fantastic – every day repeaters we have cooked up quite a few experimental dishes and we both agree that these ones are keepers should you wish to partake in a bit of Veganuary… or possibly just enjoy at any point of the year!!

Rainbow Lentil Fried Rice – lovely combination of lentils, rice, and vegetables
Beetroot Biryiani – a baked version and full of flavour
Happy Pear Biryiani – if you fancy a quicker dish this certainly gives all the flavour and nutritional value
Dahl with Split Peas and Spinach – This was part of our New Years Eve Curry fest incorporating Onion Bhajis, Mushroom Bhaji and Vegan Madras/Vindaloo
Creamy plant based Potato topped Pie with Celeriac, Squash, Brocolli, Leek, Kale – I used the original Creamy Brocolly Pie recipe and switched out some of the vegetables and simply overlapped sliced potato on top… deliciously simple!
Chocolate, Ginger and Pecan Brioche
Veggie Snake
Yorkshire Pudding/ Veg in the Hole – non vegan variety this time …but worked well in the Remoska

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