Happy New Year….. snow and all – 24/01/2021

This morning brought us our first day of proper snow of 2021… so I thought I would have a little walk round our field and share some photos with you. Anyone would have thought I had taken them in black and white, but no – these are filter free and un-adjusted… just beautiful with the contrast and light.

We have been lucky so far this winter as althought it has been cold, we have only had a handful of days when it has been really wet which has made us change plans or restricted our outdoor morning exercise routine…. this morning though was a rest day…. although the next few mornings are going to be interesting!

Not much has changed since my last blog as we have been in national lockdown – not a huge change to our plans apart from not being able to see as much of the family and friends as we had hoped. Christmas was celebrated with a walk in the morning with Keith’s mum, Liz and Molly the golden doodle, then we headed over to my mums, Andy, to do another dog walk with Dudley and cook the turkey for dinner. The weather was cold but crisp and dry – exactly what you want to blow the cobwebs away and work up an appetitie before a good meal …. and that it was – Turkey with all the trimmings and a home made Christmas pud – courtesy of Keiths sister, Shaz – with custard for dessert… perfect! Even a bit of turkey for left over sandwiches and a pie!

Although we aren’t going anywhere at the moment my passport was due to expire in June 2021 which meant with the new rules, come January 1st – we couldn’t travel, even if we wanted to do. I had been putting the renewal off simply because they said they were inundated with requests and that unless it was urgent, you shouldn’t apply. However, when I finally submitted it mid-December, I received my lovely new blue passport back within 7 days… at least I can travel abroad now when we are ready to do so!…. just before anyone says it – yes, I like the blue but I would still prefer to be in Europe…

I have taken up a new hobby – something I have been thinking of doing for a while but never really got round to it with the ‘busy’ lives that we have! So now in addition to food and wine experimentation and appreciation, outdoorsy stuff and photography…. I sketch! Not very well at the moment but I am trying to teach myself.

Apparently you should start with circles, then move onto simple shapes – so that is roughly where I am, although I have jumped a few stages and moved on to sunflowers and tulips… I think I have a long way to go but I hadn’t ever intended to draw ‘real things’ as they can be recognised…. I was going to be a little more abstract!! Watch this space and I’ll share how I get on.

And finally, as always we have been experimenting with more cooking…. and have even cracked the BBQ out to do some sourdough pizzas – who said you need to be in the sunshine to enjoy outdoor cooking?

  • Turkey and squash pie with sprouts – no recipe …. just chucked in all the leftovers with a lovely bechamel sauce and it was a delicious way to enjoy the turkey for a bit longer
  • Parsnip and porcini pie – with a lovely sweet potato topping – really tasty and flavoursom
  • Moroccan stew – nice and quick and full of flavour
  • Vegan Vindaloo / Madras – proper hot…. Keith even got hiccups and we cut the curry powder in the original recipe by half …. hence the downgrade to madras but it isn’t for the faint hearted!!
  • Vegan Brussel Sprout and Ricotta Ravioli – really easy but does take time to make the pasta from scratch. Well worthwhile though – so tasty.

Keep smiling and enjoying the outdoor space as and when you can!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year….. snow and all – 24/01/2021

    • That’s odd – are you viewing them on the email or the website? I’ve just logged onto both myself and they are normal sized. Try clicking on the heading in the email and go through to the Web page or just go directly to https://gailandkeithblog.com and let me know how you get on.
      Hope you are both well xxx

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