A bit of Neoprene and yet another pair of trainers….. 20/10/15

Just in case you wondered, we are still here in Alicante where despite a few storms the weather is still in the early to mid 20’s during the day, going down to mid to upper teens overnight….. unfortunately there is still no sign of the door handle, so it looks like we are here for another few days at least.

Last weekend was a long weekend for the locals, with a regional holiday on the Friday and a National holiday on the Monday and one of the small towns near where we are staying celebrated their Christian and Moors festival, kicking it off in style with a dis-embarkement and fight before dawn.


Despite a heavy day on the Sunday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed before the crack of dawn, encouraged by the huge quantity of gunfire in the distance. Tradition has it that the Moors arrive on boats to fight the Christians for the town. Whether it was in tradition or not, most of the Moors (and definitely some of the Christians) were slightly worse for wear when they finally got close to the shore, fortunately jumping into the water helped sober them up 🙂


It is quite an event and worth getting up early for despite the fact that the Churros con Chocolate weren’t quite up to scratch on the way home 🙂

Everyone has their vices and apparently mine is sports clothing.  Having spent the last few weeks swimming in the sea we have been contemplating buying a wetsuit so we can continue into the winter, so today we ventured out to a triathlon store and succumbed to the pressure… we are now both proud owners of Zoot wetsuits ….. mine appears to be a little tighter than Keith’s, but I have been assured that it needs to be like that and it isn’t just so that everyone can laugh at me trying to get it on and off – I best ensure that the Churros and Chocolate keep a low profile from now on 😦

Having switched to forefoot running last year, but continuing with normal running shoes, I noticed that I have worn through to the softer layer more quickly than normal so took advantage of being in the store to talk to them about options …… I have now welcomed a new pair of purple Newtons into my sport shoe family, not sure where we are going to put them, or what I am going to use the other pairs for now….. dilemma….

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