Viva Espana…. with home made Focaccia and Peanut Butter :) …. 23/9

Just so you can see where we are, I have added a second map which you can see by clicking here, or you can go to Our route so farin the menu bar at the top of the blog . It was going to get too messy to just extend the first one …. so hopefully this one will have slightly fewer loops 🙂

We are also starting to rack up the miles walking, cycling, running and driving…. so if you are interested in having a go this year bearing in mind where we are going we are taking guesses on a) How many miles driven and b) How many miles walked and cycled …. you never know you may even win a reindeer (if we can smuggle one out of the country that is….. or it may just end up being some kind of slightly less interesting gift that we find on the way round) 🙂

So, back to the travels …..  having slowed down, we have now slipped back into snails pace and have spent the last 5 days in Palamos which is one of our favourite little coastal towns that amazingly is still mostly Catalan rather than German/English. We are back at our little Aire (EmpordArea 12 euros inc. electricity – n41,85740 e3,11467) which is roughly 1km from the seafront on the edge of the hills.  And this time we took the time to explore a bit further both inland and along the coast.


The walk to the north is beautiful, passing between villages built around the coves and then the route goes into the forrest and up to one of the highest points along this part of the coast giving some lovely views …


and then to the south where the route takes you up and down into every cove in between Palamos and Platya d’Aro, each cove as beautiful as the next…


As the sun has been shining and the walking was plentiful we decided to stay a little longer enabling us to stock up at the weekly market on yesterday before moving on again this morning.

To wean us out of a bit of a dry spell of trying new recipes Keith had his first attempt at making peanut butter a few weeks ago, but this week he took it to the next level and has made both a creamy smooth peanut butter as well as a bit of a random ‘mixed’ nutty butter which contains cashews, brazils, hazelnuts…. and a few others.  The latter is a bit more ‘nutty’ if that is possible, but still quite tasty.

I, on the other hand have been inspired by the ‘Hairy Bikers’ who have recently finished a series called ‘Bakeation’ in different countries across Europe and decided to give the Foccacia a go…… and it turned out pretty good if I don’t say so myself and pretty easy to make in a motorhome 🙂


With a long drive ahead today I will leave you with some more useful facts.  As it is ‘that’ time of the year when there are grapes everywhere we look, Keith wondered which country has the most vinyards/wine producers, so just in case you were curious…..

– Portugal, there are 58,000 winemakers. However only 45% of the total area makes certified wine
– France: 115,000 winemakers of which 27,000 are certified
– Spain: 280,000 winemakers with 60% of total area allocated to certified wine
– Italy: This is the craziest number but confirmed by more than one source. Roughly 1M (MILLION) winemakers. However only 22% of these are certified (still a lot of producers if you ask me……)
– Germany: 69,000 winemakers of which 28,000 are certified
– Greece: 185,000 winemakers of which less than 20% are certified

Whilst searching around for more information I came across the following website which has some really interesting facts and figures if like me, you are a bit of a wine fan…. and not only interested in drinking it 🙂

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