And we’re off…… 10/9/15

Having spent another couple of lovely weeks cathing up with friends and family we are finally sitting on the ferry about to head to Calais.

During just under three months in the UK we have managed to get in a fair quantity of curries, fish and chips, Jacket potatoes, roast dinners and we even managed to squeeze in some mince pies ….. how good is that?

We are now fully prepared to delve back into the wonders of Europe, although no cheese is going to be able to compete with the Camembert that we have just finished ….. I think it may have been brought over from France 3 months ago 😦

So, year two starts today and the current plan is to stay in Spain and Portugal until the weather starts warming up and then head to Eastern Europe and up into Scandanavia…… watch this space for updates and a new map to follow us around and see how far we actually make it this time!

2 thoughts on “And we’re off…… 10/9/15

  1. Go well you two…….may all your travels be blessed. We’ll keep an eye on Upper Hedgemead Road in the meantime so that when you eventually return the welcome will be as warm as you have come to expect !

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