Green Green Grass of home…… 20/6/15

So, with a slight change of plan I flew back to the UK last Saturday leaving Keith to enjoy Lake Garda (although he didn’t actually get a chance to see it) for a night before driving the motorhome home through Italy, France, Luxemburg and Belgium before briefly popping back into France to reach Dunkirk.

As some of you will know my father was treated for Lung Cancer last year and despite an amazing recovery and the ‘all clear’ from the consultant two weeks ago, he was admitted back into hospital last Friday night. Several scans later we have been told that he has four lesions on the brain that are cancerous, thankfully it sounds like the lesions are small and they believe that they can treat them with radiotherapy but we are waiting for confirmation of the next steps.

So, I am afraid that the blog is going to have a little down time over the next few weeks whilst Keith and I play chauffeur (My mum has just had a hip operation and can’t drive either), dog walker and general ‘daughter’ and ‘Son-in-law’….

8 thoughts on “Green Green Grass of home…… 20/6/15

  1. Very sorry to hear of this reason to vary your plans. I do hope your Dad will recover soon. I also hope Keith will travel safely on his own. Take care. Love Anne

  2. Thank you Anne, he is in the best hands and we are keeping positive. Keith has arrived safe and sound … with Camembert and brie I might add, and despite the shock in the weather difference and the price of diesel it is nice to be home. We will pop down and see you soon I am sure. Hope all is well with you. Lots of love Gail and Keith

  3. All the best to your parents. We are thinking about you and offering all our support. Hope to have some news from all of you soon. Take care
    Love from Daniel, Sylvain and Magali from Bagnoles and La Ferrière.

  4. Our thoughts are with you and your family to a positive outcome. Love Ulf and Michelle and Pipo (fellow travellers)

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