A few days in Seville…. 1st February 2015

…. A busy week, we have taken a holiday from our normal routine to live it up in Seville with our first visitor this year – Richard (Gonzo) Lowe. We arrived in Seville on Sunday and parked up in a secure Aire by the Port (12 euros a night +3 for electricity). The Aire is part of the car park of an import / storage business of new cars before distribution and they also have a large mechanic workshop, so although it was pretty quiet overnight and the weekend, the nature of the business meant that they had to have 24/7 security which is always a bonus.

We really struck lucky with the weather as from Sunday through to Thursday afternoon we had beautiful clear blue skies with the temperature raising to 17/18 degrees during the day, going down to 4/5 degrees overnight – making it a bit more difficult to select the appropriate clothing when we were leaving the motorhome at 10am and not getting back until the early hours the following morning …. A minor price to pay.

Seville is a fantastic city and although we had been there before when we were living in Barcelona, we obviously had far too good a time as neither Keith nor I can remember much more than the size of the cathedral … it is pretty impressive


And even looks rather nice at night ….


We made Richard walk to every corner of the city both during the day and night…. Obviously to take in the sights, but with additional motivation of trying another little tapas bar 🙂  Every time we left Richards hotel we walked in a different direction and found more narrow streets with interesting shops and bars…. A maze of lovely places.

The city is full of history and beautiful buildings – our favourite (over and above the cathedral) has to be the Plaza de Espana, which I am sure was under scaffolding last time we were here as I don’t remember it being anywhere near as impressive.

Unfortunately, as I don’t have a wide angle lens (or fish eye) I couldn’t get the whole building in one photo as it is so large… but hopefully this gives you a taste….


Whilst soaking up the culture and eating a few more tapas and the odd Paella, we did manage to take in some Flamenco music, but unfortunately didn’t get to see any Flamenco dancing … we have to leave something for our next visit after all 🙂

We left Seville on Friday morning and headed to the coast to a small town called SanLuca Barramera where we spent a couple of tranquil, yet windy nights in an Aire (F.O.C) by the beach. The town was buzzing on Saturday morning with the bars and restaurants serving the locals the normal pre-lunch aperitif and tapas, all centered around the vibrant market. As always, we explored the town and then took advantage of the lovely promenade to help blow away some of the city cobwebs (and rich food and drink we have eaten over the last week!).

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