Sarlat la Caneda – 28/9 – 1/10


Well we have to thank Jonah for having had a spare couple of hours whilst on a business trip for finding this one. Sarlat la Caneda is right on the edge of the Dordogne region and it is a beautiful old walled city which has been ‘preserved’ impeccably – even down to the last tumbling building… it tumbles with a certain style. Obviously this does unfortunately mean that there are a reasonable number of tourists, but occasionally even we make sacrifices!


The campsite (Camping Les Acacias – 12 euros per night inclusive) is about 5km outside the town centre in a village called ‘La Caneda’. The campsite is a family run friendly place with really good facilities and ignoring the odd squall from the ducks and geese – we are in Foie Fras country, so I have a feeling that may have something to do with it – it is very tranquil. Unfortunately it shuts on the 1st October, so we are staying as long as they will let us before we get kicked out.

Despite all the lovely weather we have been having, I am sure you will be pleased to hear that it is obviously the end of the summer in France …. It rained heavily all night Sunday into mid-morning and then from about 8pm on Monday night and carried on until mid afternoon today…. luckily we aren’t too close to the dordogne river….