Tours – 10/9 – 12/9

Camping Acacias – (16 euros per night inclusive of electricity)

Well, it was going to happen at some point – at least we didn’t go from 5 star luxury to 0 Star …. This one is about a 3 Star and to be fair the facilities are clean and the water is hot …. We have just been spoilt 🙂 and it didn’t help that the weather has turned a little and the trees were chucking acorns at us from a great height… we are just picky!

We left Saumur on Wednesday morning and headed towards Chateau Azay Le Rideau to take in a bit more of the Chateau scene.

Chateau Azay Le Rideau6_20140910

The chateau is pristine and worth a visit if you are in the area. However, if you are only going to visit one chateau whilst in the Loire, you must go and see Chateau Chenonceaux.  Unfortunately we saw the latter the day after the former and however lovely the former was, the latter is spectacular both inside and out.

Thursday was another day of cycling, in the morning over to Chateau Chenonceaux (as below)

Chateau Chenonceau12_20140911

and then across to Amboise and back to Tours along the Loire – 90km round trip. We didn’t stop in Amboise, but from the quick cycle through it looked like a beautiful town with yet another chateau – they are quite common – on the edge of the Loire. We arrived in Tours late afternoon and parked the bikes up in front of the cathedral.  Tours is a larger more industrial town, but it has an attractive old town (along with another chateau). which was worth a wander around.

We are now however Chateau’d out ….. I wouldn’t mind but we are only half way across the Loire valley.  Worse still we are leaving red wine country and entering white wine territory … what to do ??

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