Meal out and then slept in the motorhome

The advantage of having the motorhome on hand, and virtually prepared for the off, is that we decided to take it with us on Saturday evening when we went out for a meal in a hotel/restaurant in a near by village called Juvigny with Mary and Melvyn. We could’ve driven, but there was a municiple camp site so we decided to stay in the motorhome.

The meal was very good, though not quite as good as the one in Concarneau though of a similar style made by a very talented young chef.

We’ll be doing something similar this Saturday after we finally leave the house. The Cheverie restaurant just outside of Juvigny, where we had many good lunchtime meals, is our destination as we’ve always wanted to taste their evening menu. They have a big parking area out at the front and back of their beautiful setting, and they’ve agreed that we can park and stay in our motorhome overnight. Hopefully not a bad way to start the tour 🙂

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