Italien chef

Whilst chatting to Sandro, one of our neighbours opposite here in Bagnoles, on the way down to the Boulongerie the day after we got back from our trip to Brittany, he told me to wait whilst he went a got a jar of homemade blackberry jam to go with our croissants – it was very good.

On top of that, last night we were invited to Sandro and his wife Michelle’s house for an Italien meal.  Hmm, mmm.  Homemade pizza slices to start with, followed my homemade pasta for the main.  After that came the cheese board and then a chocolate dessert that came from the local boulongerie/patiserie which were equally as good.  Yes, there was more as we then finished off with some homemade macarons, all washed down with some very nice Italian wine.  Yes, we were very spoilt indeed.

One thought on “Italien chef

  1. looks like you guys should be writing a food tour of europe guide 😉 Very jealous of all the countryside and nature you are getting to see. Enjoy le grand tour and think of us slaving away back here waiting to retire at 75, whilst you sip your red wine and eat great cheese. Jealous, moi ? peut-être…

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