Wild Strawberries from the garden ….


It is amazing what you can do with a few little wild strawberries from the garden! 

I made lemon sorbet last week (on the left of the photo), but after a visit from one of the neighbours who asked if he could take some of our little wild strawberries to make some jam I decided to have a go at a bit of strawberry ice-cream today ….. yum 🙂

Lets hope they grow back quickly so we have a chance to make some more before we go!


4 thoughts on “Wild Strawberries from the garden ….

    • I know it sounds a bit lame… but we didn’t bring the ice cream maker with us 🙂
      The strawberry icecream was actually really easy – much less time consuming than the lemon sorbet.

      I used roughly …
      300g wild strawberries
      100g sugar
      150g creme fraiche (left over and I didn’t want to let it go to waste)
      75ml milk

      put the strawberries in a bowl with the sugar for about an hour, mix everything else in and give it a little whizz with a hand mixer (or use a fork if you don’t have one) to crush up the strawberries a bit then put it in a container in the freezer for about 3 hours stirring it every hour roughly to make sure it freezes evenly if you have left any whole fruit.

      Tastes delicious …. oddly enough the recipe I adapted it from used Almond milk instead of normal milk (and no cream) …. so it would be Emily friendly 🙂

      Definately worth ago.


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