Won a TV, but…

Last night the club where we play tennis here in Bagnoles de L’Orne had a social event which about 55 people attended.  Obviously being in France they did a Paella… however, the Camembert was very local, French and fantastic 🙂

Gail had brought 5 raffle tickets for a total of 10Euros and we had already won 2 prizes before the big prize, which was drawn last.  This was for a TV, but as we had already won a few prizes and are going to be in the motorhome, we told them to redraw the prize.  As luck would have it one of our companions opposite on our table won it and was very happy; we didn’t lose out completely as he brought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate 🙂

Later on they even put the England v Italy game on without the sound on, midnight over here, just a shame about the result…

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