Visit to Caen – Wed 30th Apr

We picked a fantastic day to visit Caen, the rain stopped all day and for most of the time it was blue skies and sunny.  What more could one ask for…?

Although most of the city was bombed in the 2nd world war, there are still, although slightly restored of course, the 2 abbeys of Willam the Conquerer and the fortified Chateaux.

The weather was so good that we ate our lunch at a restaurant close to the Chateaux outside in the sun after a wonder around the city.

Whilst we were up in Caen we also visited a could of places which had some motorhome accessories.  Finally we are fully equipped as we now have a BBQ and a table for outside; bring on the dry and slightly warmer weather!!!

As the weather has been raining alot over the last couple of weeks, with sunny spells, the grass and better said ‘weeds’ have gone on the rampage.  Due to this dry day, we took the opportunity to cut the grass and the edges in the evening when we got home from Caen as we knew that Thursday and Friday were going to return to be showery.  It’s not perfect, but better than before 🙂

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