Oxford Camping and Caravan site, Abingdon Road (16/3/13 – 19/3/13)

We chose this site so that we could pick up Gail’s dad from one of the Oxford hospitals.  However, it is a great location to explore the beautiful city of Oxford; I’m sure I’ve been here before briefly but didn’t remember anything about it!!!

The site has the main train line fairly close by, and also another Park and ride over the road, but this didn’t seem to interrupt the nights sleep.  The only downside for a motorhome is no positions for motorhome waste water.  Luckily the managers had a spare container that we could use to transport it to the central location; just to clarify I’m not talking about the toilet waste 🙂

We managed to get it a few High intensity short fitness sessions (Jeremy – we’re up to 2:40 on the plank as well :)); I’m sure the strange looks that we got are not going to be the last we get on our travels…

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