Chasing the rainbows… 20th October 2020

Leaving our enormous campsite on the cliff edge near Scarborough we drove another 30 minutes further south towards Bridlington where we had booked ourselves into a little CS in Flamborough (Beacon House CS £15 per night) – quite a change from the last few campsites!

After settling in and a bit of lunch we headed out along the coast to Flamborough Head being blown most of the way. It was a lovely walk – although a little fresh – taking in the views out to sea as well as the farmland around us. It was nice to see both the current and original lighthouse …. the latter is about 500m inland and a little crumbly but still standing proud and beautiful!

Despite it raining overnight we set off into Bridlington…. or ’Brid’ as they say locally on Sunday, again along the coastal path. Slightly soggy under foot but equally as exposed and ‘fresh’! The outlook wasn’t quite as beautiful as Bridlington isn’t what you’d call an attractive town but the beaches go on for miles.

It was really busy in along the promenade but we managed to keep a good distance and once we got to the South Beach it was pretty open and quiet and you could walk for miles and miles. Amazingly we found a spot to sit and eat our sandwiches as the clouds closed in on us… fair to say that it was a quick pit stop, although the sun poked its head back out again as soon as we started walking back. We found a lovely quiet little coffee shop in the back streets and warmed up before heading home and getting absolutely soaked en route!

After a quick run in the morning we hit the road again and headed to Beverley, just north of Hull (Willow Lane CS £15 a night inc.) Our last stop before heading back home as things are heating up in the news re lockdown and Covid levels in the North East. We were only in Beverley for a couple of nights and it was a little moist to say the least but what a lovely place. Lots of lovely looking deli’s and coffee shops and alot of open countryside to walk and cycle in… albeit a little flat!

As you can imagine there has been a lot of home cooking going on – we do like our food, just in case you had forgotten and we have been enjoying revisiting a few dishes we haven’t had in a while. The most recent sucessful experiments are as follows:-

We got back to our little farm last Wednesday and are now just going to take things as they come over the next few months. We have a few trips away planned but will wait and see how things pan out. We are lucky to have lots of lovely countryside to walk in and be self sufficent apart from needing to pop out to fill up with gas occasionaly. So despite it being a little colder and wetter, we will survive… and we have some new additions to the farm to keep us amused – sheep!

The years adventures have been a bit all over the place as you can see on the map below – it’ll be interesting to see what the next twelve months look like!

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