Gijon and Oviedo – Part 2 and more….

Well we have been doing a few loop the loops recently as some of you will have seen if you have been looking at the map …. but we are now on the move again along the coast.

Mika had her ‘habitation’ check which turned out to be squirting water at her from different directions to ensure she didn’t leak ….. and she doesn’t leak … so 100 euros, guarantee book stamped and two hours later we were on our way again – all the fuss of finding somewhere to carry out the check and it was pretty quick and painless.

Whilst waiting for the appointment we spent a few more days in Gijon exploring, and on Saturday night we headed out to an area where they have several very good ‘Sidrerias’ just off of Avenida de la Constitucion that we found last time we were in Gijon.

Gijon Sidra2_20141115

During our ‘down time’ we have also learnt to play Canasta, which we have been talking about doing for ages as we play several different card games and fancied a bit of a change – not bad …. just a few more rules to remember than rummy 🙂

On Tuesday we took a drive up the peninsular to visit two fishing villages Luanco (which according to the welcome sign when we entered is a ‘geriatric town’) and Candes – both were a bit average to be honest …. and the former lacked the quantity of geriatics we were expecting … perhaps they had gone into hibernation for the winter!

Finally, this morning we left Gijon for pastures a new and managed to get all of 25km’s when we stopped in Aviles for a walk around.  Aviles is a pretty town with lots of history and beautiful buildings and they have a exhibition on which, similar to the pigs, cows and lions we have had in the UK, they have painted pregnant ladies torso’s randomly distributed around the town….


Our final destination for the day was Cudillero, another fishing village which we have visited previously with Miguel and Elisa (but we had forgotten its name).


We are staying about 4km’s outside Cudillero in a Hotel/Restaurant car park which offers motorhomes overnight stay and facilities. … perhaps we will get a bit further tomorrow 🙂

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