Baking Bread????

Who would be so daft as to think that you could sucessfully bake bread in a motorhome….yep, us 🙂

The first loaf reminded me of a scene in ‘About a boy’ when Hugh Grant witnessed the killing of a duck with a loaf of bread…. however we have refined our bread making skills and have now (albeit with one batch in the middle reminding me of some kind of drop scone…. no sorry, dropped scone) sucessfully made several batches of rolls….


We are now working our way up to a full roast dinner…. although Keith cooked Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and beans this morning for breakfast and I am sure he used every possible cooking utensil in the motorhome… 30 minutes to cook, 5 minutes to eat and 30 minutes to wash up 😦

3 thoughts on “Baking Bread????

  1. Result looks good! Though this Euro sceptic suggests a slightly broader shot to accompany next time – Y’know, just so we see the oven is in the motor home 😉

    Is the route planned minutely, going to be planned carefully, be a general direction or totally random?

    …and leave the man alone. Fry ups are like Barbeques, enjoy the cooking process, the anticipation, the beer (OK, Tea in the morning perhaps), the company. Savour the food cooked outdoors. Bit of mess? he’ll clean it up eventually.

    Frankly, if that’s your start, fresh baked bread and Full cooked English, make sure you have a couple of spare awnings and sleeping bags there’ll be a few visitors drop in…

    Good luck.

  2. So if we come and visit you on your travels, we will still be waking up to the smell of freshly baked? Result!

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