How time flies when you have a big silver bus…. 1/3/23

If you had asked me six weeks ago when Fawks was actually delivered, I probably would have said otherwise but actually, it has all happened far more quickly than we expected and Fawks is now all dressed up and ready to get moving, registration in hand.

He’s quite proud of his new number plates…. and looking forward to showing you some new places as we venture out and about to explore over the coming weeks and months!

Although we haven’t been able to move the motorhome we have been keeping ourselves busy sorting out Hattie and getting Fawks kitted out with all the bits to minimilise movement and rattles when we are on the road…. I am sure that there will be tweaks required as we get to our first destination and open cupboards to find Kimchee, Kefir and bottles of wine having a bit more of a party than we planned for!!

As we have been local for a while we have taken advantage of some of the eateries on our doorstep and one we had been meaning to try for a while had a sudden appearance after an opertune cancellation of needing to go up into London…. The Crown in Bray. Bray is pretty much Michelin star village as it has 3 of Heston’s restaurants – of which The Crown is one, Alain Roux’s flagship and then also Gianluca Caldesi’s campagna restaurant. We tried Caldesi a few weeks ago and it was very good, but this time we opted for the Set Lunch menu at The Crown which was very reasonable at £23.50 for 3 courses. The options are fairly limited – although meat eaters and vegetarians alike are catered for – but all three courses were very tasty and the setting is cosy and friendly.

But as the focus has been on trying out every part of Fawks we have had no excuse not to be cooking, enjoying the huge flexibility of the increased kitchen size… it is bizarre, I am not going to say we weren’t able to do everything we wanted to in Hattie but I can say that it is far easier in Fawks!!

From left to right above we have
Greens Shakshuka – adapted from Jamie Oliver’s recipe, quick, easy and tasty
Malaysian Laksa Moules – I would add fatter noodles next time as they were hard to extract from the shells, or just chunky bread but delicious all the same
– Christmas Pudding and Eggs for Breakfast – An experiment …. Keith liked it anyway and that was the most important thing – Fried Christmas pudding with Chilli flakes and fried eggs!!

Then below we have our curry menu that we have been elaborating on…. as follows:
Chard Saag Aloo – really tasty mix of spinach, beans and potato
Parsnip Dhal – deliciously flavoursom Dhal with a lovely consistency
Masala Baked Cauliflower – really simple and full of flavour especially when accompanied by a bit of Saag and naan bread
Speedy Saag – tasty and quick and full of green stuff!!
Aloo Gobi – another fantastic addition to our repertoire, really flavoursom and full of goodness
Winter Parsnip, Chickpea and Cauliflower Korma – a good alternative to our traditional Korma
Shredded Greens Dhal – another fantastic dhal full of goodness.

…. and finally a couple of other dishes
Tomato, Kale, Parsnip and Celariac cobbler – a lovely variation on the creamy cobbler that I make, full of tasty winter warming veg
Potato and Lentil Bake – Another really simple winter warming Riverford recipe

We are looking forward to getting on the road next week and will update you as we progress.

4 thoughts on “How time flies when you have a big silver bus…. 1/3/23

  1. Congratulations on your new home – wagons roll! Look forward to hearing of your travels and new adventures. Does it have heaps more storage space and, if so, what are you taking that you were not able to before? Or just more room to move about when you are cooking and baking? Our T@B looks like a Matchbox toy in comparison but we only go for short trips so that is fine. All best wishes for your journeys Caroline and Stephen

    • Thank you. Initially we weren’t sure about the amount of storage as much of the space is taken up by additional tanks…. however we currently have a few empty cupboards – so it must have more!! No plans to fill them yet with anything different to what we had before as we had more than enough of everything. The kitchen size is great – I can make bread without needing an additional board to make a flat surface and even roll out a M’hanna filo pie… and that is saying something!!
      We are very lucky with space but then again we are living in it full time and love cooking and the outdoors life so being able to store the right tools to do the jobs just makes everything that little bit easier !
      Having never really planned much of our travels in advance we have now got a fair bit lined up for this year so hopefully I will be supplying you with lots of nice photos of interesting places.
      Glad to hear that you are still enjoying the motorhome and the trips away. Take Care, Gail

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